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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beyond the Asana

This week, I am taking the opportunity to blog about a series of yoga classes that I will offer for the end of 2012:
Beyond the Asana

Shannon Kennedy in Padmasana

Each class will focus on parts of yogic philosophy that bring us more in touch with our real "self".  You may be a beginner to this yogic journey, and may find a deeper understanding of the broader scope of yoga, beyond the physical practice.   If you have been on this path, the classes can take you deeper in theory and application in your life through meditation.  

Each class will be embedded with practical uses of yogic philosophy, while practicing some general hatha, yin or restorative poses.  Each practice ends with 15-20 minutes of quiet or led meditation.  The practice will be open to all levels of participation.

The series:  Wednesdays, November 28-December 19, from 5:30-6:45pm
The topics:  Yamas and Niyamas: A way to act!
Pranayama and Meditation:  Calming moments
Chakras:  Knowing on a deeper plane
Koshas:  A journey within

Sign up for the whole series at $40, or pay $15 per class, namaste,  lisa

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  1. I am looking forward to Beyond the Asana. Lisa is an exceptional teacher. She connects with her students through her vast knowledge of physiology and body mechanics, as well as from her heart. She is caring, supportive and shares her own journey of moving to a deep place.